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Who are the best candidates for Invisalign?

Invisalign is created for use on most adult and teen patients with common orthodontic issues. However, there are certain, more complicated cases which require more precise tooth control than a removable aligner can achieve.

During your initial complimentary consultation with our team at Jamison Innovative Dental, we’ll be able to determine if Invisalign is a good fit for you, or if you’d be better served by more traditional orthodontic treatment.

As discussed in our previous spotlight, Invisalign achieves the same objectives as other approaches to straighten your smile – however, many people find Invisalign is a more convenient option when it comes to other orthodontic treatments (for many reasons, including diet, contact sports, etc.).

Not everyone makes a good candidate, though, which we will discuss here.

Individuals with the discipline to continue wearing the aligners throughout the duration of treatment, even though they are completely removable for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth, make good candidates.

If you need your orthodontic treatment to be discreet, or if you don’t relish the thought of going to school or work with metal braces, Invisalign is an excellent alternative.

In particular, if the orthodontic changes you need to make are relatively minor or straightforward, Invisalign is also a good option.

For people with existing bridgework, those who need attention on their bite for their back teeth, those who need their teeth to be move vertically, and/or people with other challenging issues, traditional braces may be a better option.

If you’re curious about Invisalign, we are happy to consult with you! Call our office at 215-343-3900 or visit us at our location, 2370 York Road, Jamison.

Jamison Innovative Dental is proud to be the official dentist of the Philadelphia Eagles! Find more info online at

PHOTO CAP: Jamison Innovative is happy to serve our patients with the latest technology and a professional team

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