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The price we pay for waiting

Every day people make decisions on how they spend their money; things like vacations, cars, schooling, home repairs, etc. Many of these things are very costly and can put a strain on our bank account.

So, we have to prioritize where the money goes. In the world of home repairs there are a few projects that can be very costly.

The roof is one of those things. But how does the average person determine the condition of their roof from the ground?

The only way is to have someone look for signs that the roof is failing or in disrepair. The most common signs roofing contractors look for is the general condition of the roofing material.

Are the shingles starting to lose the colored granules, are the shingles curling or cupping, are there any blisters (bubbles) forming on the shingle surface and is there excessive fading of the color. These signs usually occur after the first 10 years. They are signs of moderate wear and are to be expected.

As the roof continues to age these signs become more pronounced and can lead to possible leaks. The shingles lose enough colored granules that the fiberglass matting is visible, the curling or cupping is pronounced and can lead to wind damage or shingle loss, the blistering increases and exposes nails or seams and finally the cracking of the base membrane.

The hope is to wait long enough to get the full value for the money spent on the roof but the gamble is waiting too long and incurring damage to the interior of your home. Don’t cost yourself more money by losing the waiting game.

Have a professional roofing contractor come and evaluate your roof today. Don’t wait!

Trust C&C Family Roofing & Siding for all your siding and roofing needs. 215-999-6248.

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