Second Anniversary Celebration for Bucks County resident advocacy group

PEERS at Majestic Oaks celebrate two years of helping their fellow residents

On November 15th, the Majestic Oaks Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Warminster held a Second Anniversary Celebration of their PEER Program, the first program of its kind in Bucks County.

PEER stands for Pennsylvania Empowered Expert Residents, and the celebration on November 15th honored the Majestic Oaks PEERs for two years of advocacy on behalf of their fellow residents, as well as provide information about the PEER program to staff and residents.

The PEERs organized activities for their fellow residents which focused on resident rights, staff recognition, and highlighting resident individuality and dignity. The PEERs are Pat Briggs, Rick McDonald, David Gooding, Ruth Arnesen, and Sandy Osterbrink.

Two years ago, amidst the pandemic, these five residents attended a five-session empowerment training run by the Bucks County Ombudsman Program.

The training focused on resident rights, advocating for residents within the facility, empowering their fellow residents to improve quality of life, and partnering with facility staff and local ombudsmen to improve quality of care in their long-term care facility.

The PEERs meet monthly with local Ombudsmen to discuss issues at Majestic Oaks and brainstorm solutions. They are respected by facility staff for their work on behalf of the residents at Majestic Oaks and their efforts to make Majestic Oaks a positive place to live and work.

The PEER Program is funded and supported by the PA Department of Aging and the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging. It is staffed by state-certified Ombudsmen who routinely visit long-term care facilities throughout the county to educate residents about their rights and advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

For more information contact the Bucks County Ombudsman Program at 267-880-5716 or by e-mail at


  1. The PEER Group at Majestic Oaks, from left, Ruth Arnesan, Rick McDonald, Sandy Osterbrink, and David Gooding. Not pictured is Pat Briggs.
  2. Resident John Luther (left) with Ombudsman Ann Kolb.
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