Spotlight: Penn’s Woods Puppet Theater

It is Christmas Eve at the Winston’s. An empty stocking hangs on the fireplace with a Christmas list on the mantel.

Elizabeth is teasing her brother Billy about his belief in Santa Claus. Billy believes in Santa; his oldest sister, Sarah, told him so.

He is positively sure that Santa Claus exists. Bewildered by Elizabeth’s teasing, Billy takes off for Saint Nicholas Park to think things over.

On entering the Park he sees before him something he has never seen before – a mechanical man in a wooden booth on whose sides is inscribed “I am SOLTAR. I Know All Things. Ask and Believe.” This is Billy’s chance.

When he drops his penny in the slot, SOLTAR comes to life. SOLTAR confirms the existence of Santa Claus.

That evening while the family sleeps, SOLTAR undergoes a metamorphosis; he disappears and re-emerges as Santa Claus flying above the stage in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Christmas morning the stocking is full; a letter sits on the mantel where Billy’s list had been. The letter apologizes for not having his yellow truck and promises one would arrive soon. It is signed only “S.”

Elizabeth suggests that the “S” stands for Sarah. Billy is certain that the “S” is for Santa.

“Let’s ask SOLTAR,” Elizabeth jokes.

Billy thinks that’s a great idea and off they go. But in the Park there is no SOLTAR machine. It’s gone!

Elizabeth’s belief is confirmed – Billy has made the whole thing up. In SOLTAR’s place stands a beautiful Christmas tree. Under its branches rests a bright yellow truck.

Program managers, to book a show for your event, call Robin and Susan Tafel at 215-441-4154.

PHOTO CAP: “I am SOLTAR. I Know All Things. Ask and Believe.”

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