Pronking Pacas at the Middletown Grange Fair

At the Middletown Grange Fair, in Wrightstown on August 16th, 4-H club Pronking Pacas from Harley Hill Farm had their competitions in showmanship and obstacles. 

Alpaca showmanship classes are like other animal shows in that the handler is scored on how well he/she knows and shows their animal.

The obstacle event demonstrates the alpaca’s ability and willingness to accept training and work with its handler through obstacles they will use in everyday life. The obstacle course had participants leading their alpacas through challenges including a jump, a teeter-totter, running to a stop, a tunnel, and cones. 

The club brought home an impressive amount of ribbons in the Senior, Intermediate, and Junior age divisions. Pronking Pacas also had members in the Senior division who placed as Master Showman and Junior division with Reserve Master Showman.

These two honors are the highest and second-highest scores of all age groups who competed in showmanship. Members received a Master Reserve Champion ribbon, and a Master Champion ribbon with plaques.

4-H awards for achievement were also given for Farm Credit, Junior Cloverleaf, multiple ladder awards and 4-H Ambassadors.

PHOTO CAP: From left, Clara Brems, Mia McClease, Grace Lutes, Layla Cotter, David Dutertre, Amelia Sperling, Catherine Vincent and Bryce Snyder.

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