Lights, camera…birds!

There seems to always be an effort to “build a better mousetrap.” The same can be said about birdfeeders.

The current trend that’s sweeping the country is camera feeders…relatively small birdfeeders equipped with a built-in WIFI camera that captures close-up images of birds and sends them to you cell phone. Wild Birds Unlimited in Buckingham now stocks the BeakView Feeder camera.

It boasts 1080P HD video, real time notifications, motion detection, two-way audio (with a siren to “discourage” squirrels), and much more. 

A bird recognition subscription is optional and allows the BeakView Bird Feeder Camera to suggest the identification of the bird you’re looking at…a sort of “built in” field guide that will increase your knowledge of birds enough to make David Attenborough jealous (well, almost).

These camera feeders have inspired many people to get into the hobby of birdfeeding, capturing images and video of wild birds going about their daily life while you’re going about yours! It’s now common for customers to share their images with us at WBU and they’re excited to see these little critters up close and personal.

Our favorite feature is being able to watch the birds and hear their sounds at the same time reinforcing the association of each different bird with their calls. Weatherproof and durable, these video camera feeders make a great gift for people new to the hobby or to those who have been feeding the “old fashioned way” (which we still heartily endorse!!).

Remember to grab some high quality WBU seed when you stop in! Located on Route 202 between New Hope and Doylestown.

Free local delivery for orders over $75 including our 20# bags of seed or curbside pickup – just e-mail Lisa at For more information on our Birdwalks and Feederscaping checkout our website at

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