Come join our bird walks!

Wild Birds Unlimited is all about providing food for birds so you can see and enjoy the greatest number of birds possible throughout the year! Since we are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the state, it would be a shame to miss other birds that visit our area or live in a habitat that doesn’t include your backyard.

Some bird migrants are interior forest birds or canopy dwellers and may be missed as they pass through yards on their way to more natural habitat. So, for the past three years, WBU Buckingham has provided an opportunity to customers to visit local parks on guided bird walks to see what’s around.

You might be lucky enough to get warblers, Pileated Woodpeckers, and even Bald Eagles on your property, but if not, the bird walks give you a chance to get “lifers” – birds you’ve never seen before! Occasionally (like on our last walk to Owl’s Nest Park), we talk more about the flowers and plants we see.

On some days, you may have more at your feeder (especially if filled with quality WBU seed) than we see “in the field.”  But that never discourages participants; the walks are more holistic than pure bird walks and if nothing else, time in nature has been proven to lower blood pressure and re-energize the soul.

As temperatures drop (so long, summer!), bird feeding increases. So be sure to stop by the store soon and pick up your supplies.

And when you’re there, put your name on the bird walk list to receive special emails about upcoming walks. We visit local parks-some are hidden gems you may have never heard of! 

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PHOTO CAP: You never know what you will see on our bird walks!

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