Spotlight: RD’s Total Lawn

Whatever you do DON’T skip this service for your lawn!

RD’s Total Lawn is a local landscape company located right in Langhorne. For them fall means Aeration and overseeding season.

They wanted to share their top five reasons to aerate and overseed this fall!

  1. Relieve Soil Compaction – Aeration pulls plugs out of the soil to loosen the soil and relieve compacted soil. All year long you have people walking on it, kids playing, lawn mowers driving over it, weather elements hitting it which all build up that compaction in your soil.
  2. Deeper Root System – When you open the soil up like this you allow water, sunlight, and nutrients to get into your soil past that thatch layer. This promotes healthier deep-rooted grass.
  3. Improve Drainage – With compacted soil at times you may notice puddling in your yard after rain. Aeration helps rain to soak into the ground quicker and avoid puddling.
  4. Thicker Lawn – Overseeding is a perfect time to do right with aeration when the soil is opened. This helps fill in thin or bare spots in your lawn to allow for a thicker lawn to come.
  5. 100% organic – The great thing about aeration is it’s 100% organic. There are no chemicals involved and it is pet and kid safe 100% immediately after service.

The Dittes family started their lawn care business in the spring of 2018 by just starting out mowing a handful of lawns. Ryan and Lindsay Dittes are parents to three young children and reside in Langhorne. Their team would love the opportunity to work with you and provide you with best-in-class service!

Skip the big corporate company and buy local by supporting RD’s Total Lawn and their family with your business. They guarantee professionalism from start to finish and 100% satisfaction.

PHOTO CAP: The Dittes Family

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