Spotlight: Bruder Electric

As we put the summer heat and humidity behind us and head into fall, not only will it get cooler outside, but it will also get darker earlier. Darkness in the early evenings reduces visibility, making what is normally a safe situation more dangerous, or at the very least inconvenient. 

For instance, taking the trash out in the summer is easy because it’s still light outside and it’s easy to maneuver the trash bins.  When it gets dark, it is more difficult to see that the path to the street is safe. People trying to find your home can also have a difficult time seeing the house numbers in the dark.

Most importantly though, is the security and safety concerns that darkness brings. People are safer in a well-lit environment then in a dark one.

How dark or unsafe is your property at night? In this ever-deteriorating culture, people are starting to understand the importance of not only having their homes well-lit in the evenings, but having their property properly lighted, as well. 

Having lights in your home doesn’t help much unless they get turned on by someone or are activated automatically. And, if there aren’t enough lights in the correct places, the lights will not be effective anyway. 

At Bruder Electric we specialize in lighting systems, both inside and outside. We also offer the technical experience to install automatic controls so that the lights you need always turn on and off at the proper times. 

Imagine being out all day and not getting home until after dark. You can either pull up to a completely dark house or, pull up to a house where the outside lights and necessary inside lights are already on allowing you to safely get inside. 

Give us a call today and allow us to make your home safe for the darker nights. Call 215-956-0988 or visit us at

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