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Benefits of a custom solid vinyl pool cover

At Anton & Sons Pools, Inc., we have your family’s happiness and safety at the forefront of our mind with each pool we install, outfit, and maintain. As you begin to think about the closing of the pool season, we’ve got you covered!

We offer solid custom pool covers by Anchor Industries, Inc. and will insure you get the perfect fit for your pool. Founded in 1892, Anchor Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality pool covers.  Not only does a solid pool cover provide you with a safe option (keeping children and pets safe who may wander across the pool covering), they also keep your pool water clean thereby requiring less maintenance and a quicker opening in the spring.

The solid vinyl cover also deflects sunlight which deters algae from growing and keeps outside water from getting into the pool so it stays clean. An Anchor Industries cover is custom fit to your pool with stainless steel springs to hold it firmly in place.

Unlike a mesh cover, this provides you with a nice smooth surface to easily remove debris from falling leaves. A simple sweep of the cover and your pool remains clean! The covers are made with 14 oz. coated vinyl (much more durable than laminated vinyl) with antimicrobials to resist the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing germs.

We’re happy to discuss your pool cover needs and continue providing you with the quality service you can trust as we prepare for fall and winter months. If you’re seeking to cover your pool this year the smart way, give us a call at 215-348-3212.

We are currently offering a FREE POOL CLOSING with the order of a new cover. For more info or to begin planning the installation of a beautiful in-ground pool, visit

PHOTO CAP: Call Anton & Sons Pools and order your custom pool cover today!

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