Enter your pet in the Crossings Animal ‘I’m Rescued and Notorious’ Calendar Contest

Do you have a pet that you love to pieces, but can be just a bit naughty at times? We all do!

This year’s contest, “I’m Rescued and Notorious” celebrates the behavior of our companion animals that can make you laugh, sometimes irritate you, or have you rolling your eyes and shaking your head.  Despite being “notorious” at times, our pets are family.

They bring us joy and laughter.  They make us healthier – science has proven that.  They have a remarkable ability to bring out the best in us, even when we’re saying to ourselves, “I can’t believe you just did that!”

So with tongue in cheek, we invite you to enter your notorious companion animal into this year’s photo contest. 

Entering the contest is easy. Submit a photo of your rescue pet, along with a $10 entry fee. Then, in 250-300 words, tell us the story of your notorious pet – how s/he became part of the family, what your pet means to you, and exactly how s/he can be notorious (if you need assistance with your story, we can help). 

The contest is open for all companion animals adopted through a rescue organization or shelter, or found as a stray. What if your pet is not a rescue?

You can reserve a calendar day for his or her photo to appear on. You can also reserve a day to honor your pet. 

Photos of the 12 companion animals who receive the most votes, along with their stories, will be featured on a full page above one of the months on the calendar. 

The net proceeds from the contest and calendar sales will support the work of The Crossings Animal Society, serving dogs and cats in need in our community. For more information and to enter your pet today, log onto

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