Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited

Fresh bird seed makes a difference!

Wild Birds Unlimited has been in business for more than 40 years. Part of its success has to do with quality.

Because wild birds are our specialty, we sell A LOT of seed and that means new shipments come in weekly. The seed in our store is fresh and has not been sitting on shelves for weeks or months.

The birds can tell the difference! As important, our blends contain no filler seed and grain that dominates seed mixes of lesser quality.

These fillers tend to have less nutrition and less fat than birds need, and the birds will often toss it aside. Think of it as cheap, empty calories.

Every bag at WBU, from Supreme to No Mess Plus, is filled with high quality seeds. Black-oil sunflower is the base for each blend as this has proven to be the most nutritious seed that is eaten by the most species of backyard birds.

Another thing that sets WBU apart is our No-Mess blends ™. These bags contain the same 20 pounds of high-quality food but has no outer shells. This makes its easier for birds to enjoy and prevents hulls from accumulating on the ground or feeder.

Even finicky American Goldfinches love the No-Mess blends because sunflower chips (sunflowers with not shell) are easy for their small beaks to break.

Of course, every other bird takes advantage of these food as well…wild animals will always opt for food that utilizes the least amount of resources to attain and the highest quality calories and nutrition. Our freshness pledge extends to all the food products in the store; suet, cylinders…even our live meal worms are fresh off the farm!

Wild Birds Unlimited has proven to be a leading source of the best bird seed on the market! Stop by and try some today!

PHOTO CAP: #1 seller – No Mess Blend™, also available in cylinder form as pictured here.

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