Spotlight: Joe McIlvaine Tree & Lawn

With summer in full swing our trees are working hard to make our environment enjoyable. When our shade trades are in full bloom, they are benefiting us socially, economically and are helping our environment.

As a home or business owner a properly placed shade tree can reduce cooling costs in the summer, providing shade while also lowering heating costs in the winter by creating wind breaks. Also, the addition of properly placed hedging material will provide a sound break from local traffic and create privacy, making a property more enjoyable. 

The environmental impact of a shade tree is remarkable. Most people understand that trees produce oxygen but forget they also absorb ground water.

A medium sized maple tree at 15in diameter absorbs 3800 gallons of water a year. This prevents that amount of water from going into the storm water management system.

Root systems of these trees will also reduce soil runoff and keep your lawn stable if you experience running water during storms. As for the social benefits, tree covered parks promote healthy lifestyles while tree lined streets reduce crime and boost the value of a property.

To keep our shade trees healthy Joe McIlvaine’s Tree Service employs an integrated pest management system and environmental evaluation. Keeping your trees healthy will provide long term benefits for you and your neighbors.

For a free quote and evaluation call 215-322-8394.

PHOTO CAP: Keep your shade trees healthy and enjoy the many benefits they provide.

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