Spotlight: Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing

Continuing a Bucks County tradition ‘40 ART 2023

It’s that time of year! The weather is warming up, the days stretch longer, and the artists of Bucks County are invited to participate in our 40 Art Exhibition!

40 ART is for EVERYONE: established renowned professionals, emerging talents, and everyone in between. With every piece priced at $40, 40 Art is a show which makes it possible for anyone to own a piece of unique, original art.

Both creators and buyers are encouraged to make connections, broadening the vibrant and enthusiastic Bucks County art community. More than anything else, though, 40 Art is a celebration of our local creative spirit and the excitement of discovery.

While many internationally acclaimed artists contribute to the show, 40 ART is open to anyone who wishes to participate, and every work of art submitted is accepted and displayed anonymously. The only limitations for submissions are that every piece must be 5”x7”. We welcome every medium and theme!

The anonymity also makes submitting easier for those artists who are shy to share their work with the world and builds confidence when seeing those works on display with those of their peers. Hundreds of artists and art appreciators have participated for over 20 years.

Since 2020, 40 ART kicks off virtually. Submissions are being accepted from July 8th – 15th. The show begins online and can be accessed from anywhere at beginning Friday, July 28th at 7:00pm, until Saturday, July 29th at midnight. All are welcome to attend the closing of the show on Sunday, July 31st from noon to 3:00pm to socialize, enjoy refreshments, and pickup pre-purchased artwork, or purchase any pieces that remain.

Phoenix Art Supplies is located at 1810 S. Easton Road, Doylestown.

For more info visit or call 215-345-0980.

PHOTO CAP: 40 Art submissions from prior years. Get an original piece of art at this year’s show.

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