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Pest and turf update

Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Suppression: Fleas and ticks are here, and mosquitos are around in large numbers this year, due to early rains and higher than usual temperatures. Let us help you enjoy your time outdoors with monthly visits to treat your property. Applications are made by fogging the perimeter of the property as well as spraying nesting areas. Plant material around the house (patio, deck, pool, swing set wood lines, if applicable) will also be treated.

Turf Recovery from Lack of Rain: We are coming off the driest May on record. Forecasts for early June are for more of the same. Lawns are quickly becoming brown, but it is too late to start watering your lawn. Incorrect watering during drought and heat only worsens the problem. The heat may cause fungal issues, and infrequent watering only brings turf roots closer to the surface, searching for water.

Lawns should be cut at four inches or higher to conserve water and shade the roots. Skip a week or two of mowing during dry spells.

You can irrigate your lawn once we receive substantial rain to get us back to normal. Restore your lawn in the fall with aeration and overseeding.

Core Aeration and Over-seeding: Core aeration is a mechanical process that pulls plugs from your lawn in order to relieve soil compaction and increase turf root growth. Spot thatching and hand raking will be done where needed. This is also a key step in the seeding process and helps prepare the soil to aid in seed germination. Our aeration machines are run on a double pass, with the second pass on a cross pattern, to ensure maximum coverage. This is performed from mid-August to mid-October.

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