Make sure your car is cool this summer!

submitted by Lad Hucaluk, owner of Doylestown Sunoco

Doylestown Sunoco is currently offering a special sale on an air conditioning checkup. A dye is used to check for leaks along with checking pressures and temperature.

Our goal is an air temperature of 39 degrees coming from the vent. We will keep your car ice cold on those hot, humid summer days!

Flushing you’re A/C system once a year is critical to maintain your air conditioning system. Water is bad for A/C systems and it effects its performance.

We perform a complete refrigerant evacuation and use a vacuum to extract moisture and contaminants. The system is connected to the vacuum for an hour.

Old oil and very small metal pieces that can clog the system are removed. After completion, the A/C unit is recharged, refilled with new oil and topped off with freon to keep your system running ice cold.

We use 134a refrigerant (most common). Other types are available for an additional charge.

Call 215-345-7676 for an appointment to take advantage of our $29.95 A/C Check. 

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