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New solutions for knee pain 

Are you frustrated with your knee pain? Does it prevent you from doing household tasks or physical activity that you used to enjoy?

Unfortunately, many treatments for knee pain actually make the joint worse. Popular over-the-counter pain medicines have been shown to worsen the cartilage in the knee.

Steroid shots also degrade the knee, raise your blood sugar, and can cause bone cell death and osteoporosis. This is why you can only get three shots in your knee.

The gel/hyaluronic or chicken cartilage injections can provide relief, but they do not rebuild the joint. The gel wears out of the joint and you’re back where you started.

If you want to learn about a non-surgical solution for joint pain that can actually help the joint heal, please call 267-406-0782 to reserve your spot at our upcoming lunch-and-learn.

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