Spring Exhibitions 2023 at The Michener Art Museum

Through July 30th | Mid-Century to Manga: The Modern Japanese Print in America, celebrating the historical and continued local interest in Japanese and Japanese American printmaking and illustration. The exhibition traces the story of the modern sōsaku-hanga movement and other creative collectibles across the past century, from Japan to the United States and beyond. Highlighting a prominent local story, the central feature of the exhibition is the display of three original copies of James Michener’s 1962 book The Modern Japanese Print: An Appreciation. Mid-Century to Manga features 75 prints on paper, over two dozen of which have never been on display at the Michener Art Museum before (such as Kiyoshi Saitō’s Winter in Aizu series).

Through September 24th | Alan Goldstein: Elemental – Using the language of abstraction, Bucks County artist Alan Goldstein (b. 1938) explores nature, the human figure, and mortality in his large-scale paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Goldstein works in concert with his media, whether oil paint, acrylic, ink, charcoal, or pastel, to express the underlying structure and processes of the world around him, finding beauty and emotional power in unexpected places. 

May 13th – November 5th | Sarah Kaizar: RARE RAIR – RARE AIR is a family-friendly exhibition featuring original gouache and ink artwork from the book RARE AIR: Endangered Birds, Bats, Butterflies, and Bees, an illustrated work about diminishing flighted species and citizen science, authored by Sarah Kaizar with writing by A. Scott Meiser, to be published in September 2023. RARE AIR connects audiences of all ages to the diversity of our ecosystems and the extraordinary creatures that populate them. Kaizar’s work enables audiences to recognize and appreciate the winged creatures that share our world. It offers strategies – big and small – to slow or reverse the threats that face them. 

PHOTO CAP: Hashimoto, Okiie (1899-1993), Nishikori Castle, 1956 (Showa Era). Woodblock print on paper, 16 1/8 x 22 inches. Courtesy of the Collection of James A. Michener.

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