Spotlight: BQ Basements & Concrete

Since 1997, BQ Basements & Concrete has been your local expert in basement and crawl space waterproofing, foundation repair, and concrete lifting services. With storm season approaching, you want to ensure that your home is just as prepared as you are. Identifying any problems before the heavy rain rolls in will help protect your home and your personal belongings.

Here is how you can prepare your home for major storms:

Inspect the exterior of your home.

Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and repaired. Ensure they are sloped away from the foundation and are not creating any pooling around the home. Check the roof for any loose or missing shingles or holes. High winds can easily remove loose shingles, and you want to be protected from any moisture. Look for any cracks in your foundation walls. Your local foundation repair expert can help you determine a solution, if needed.

Check your sump pump

If your home has an existing internal drainage system, make sure that your sump pump is in working order with a battery backup system. You don’t want to have system failure during the time you need it the most.

Consider installing a whole home generator

In the event of a utility outage, a generator can provide you and your family some peace of mind. A professionally installed whole home generator will automatically come on when the power goes out.

Call an expert

It is important to get areas of concern looked at before they become a bigger problem. Long-term water in and around your home can create larger foundation problems over time.

The experts at BQ Basements & Concrete can help inspect and repair any foundation or waterproofing issues that may concern you. With 25 years of experience, you can trust that BQ Basements is here for you and your home’s needs. Call 215-709-6225 today and schedule a free inspection.

PHOTO CAP: Prepare your home for big storms! Call BQ today for a free inspection.

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