RD’s Total Lawn top five lawn mowing tips for a healthy lawn

RD’s Total Lawn is a local landscape company located right in Langhorne.

Their top five tips for a healthy lawn this summer are:

 1/3 RuleThe goal is to not take more than 1/3 of the size of lawn blade down when cutting the lawn. Anything beyond 1/3 the size of the blade will stress the lawn. So, try to avoid letting the grass get too long then mowing it down too short.

Sharp bladesYou want to ensure your blades are sharp to cut the grass rather than tear it with a dull blade.

Dead grassWhen mowing you want to avoid leaving too much cut grass clumps laying on top of the lawn. This will block out sunlight and nutrients to the lawn and cause dead spots.

Switch mowing patternsFrom week to week or every so often it’s a good idea to switch your mowing pattern. From side to side to front to back.

Mow higher in summerAs we transition into warmer dryer weather it’s a good idea to let the lawn grow taller to protect itself against heat stress.

The Dittes family started their lawn care business in the spring of 2018. Ryan and Lindsay reside in Langhorne with their two young children and one on the way. Their team would love the opportunity to work with you!

Services Offered

Lawn Mowing Weekly lawn service which includes trimming, edging, and blowing off property.

Mulch Installs – Cleanup of beds and install of fresh mulch.

Shrub PruningLight trimming and shaping of shrubs and bushes.

The family appreciates your business and support! They encourage you to check out their reputation online!

PHOTO CAP: The Dittes family

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