How much life insurance do I need?

by Jeff Sawyer, Agent, State Farm Insurance

We get this question daily at my State Farm Agencies in Morrisville and Bensalem … how much life insurance do I need? Our answer is always the same … we don’t know … but let’s figure it out together.

Each of us have an individual life insurance need, determined by our unique financial goals and responsibilities, and the assets we have in place to meet those needs.

A free, simple 30-minute process we call the “Life Insurance Needs Analysis” can help uncover your family’s specific need.

We ask simple questions like:

  • Do you have a mortgage?
  • What other debts would you want paid off?
  • Do you have kids? Do you plan to assist in their education costs?   
  • Would your spouse/partner need a portion of your income to survive?
  • How much would you like to set aside for final expenses?

Our simple process guides you through these and other questions, helping work towards a dollar amount appropriate for your need. Then we find a State Farm policy that fits that need and your budget.

Many people put off having this conversation. It can be uncomfortable discussing our own mortality.

Having distributed life insurance proceeds to many families over my years as a State Farm Agent, I can safely say no beneficiary has ever been unhappy with their loved one’s decisions to provide for them financially with life insurance.

It’s the single most impactful part of my job.

Call us today at 215-245-7100 or 215-295-4555 to schedule your free “Life Insurance Financial Needs Analysis” with a licensed member of our team.

PHOTO CAP:  The Morrisville team from left: Jason Harris, Danielle DiVito, Britney Sawyer, Jeff Sawyer. Not pictured, the Bensalem Team.

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