Spotlight: Democrats for Progress

As candidates running for Morrisville Borough Council, it is our belief that we must work together diligently to uplift Morrisville and transform it into a thriving and viable community. The responsibility lies on our shoulders to ensure  that every aspect of this borough, from its infrastructure to economy, is nurtured and developed for the well-being of its residents. This can only be achieved through collaboration, synergy and a shared vision of progress.

Elevating Morrisville into a well-grounded community requires a collective effort from elected officials, community leaders and residents alike. By fostering unity, promoting economic growth and focusing on infrastructure development we can create a town that fulfills the needs and aspirations of its people.

Let us seize this opportunity on November 7th.  Much is at stake in this election. As a Council, we need to focus on issues that impact our residents every day and avoid counterproductive efforts by working together.

Our community should not have its most valued assets, such as the Historic Library, Williamson Park and a professional Police Department jeopardized. The incentive for families to consider making Morrisville their home, are diminished if there is an absence of community programs, special events, drivable streets, appropriate amenities, recreational opportunities and open green spaces.

These resources provide physical, social and environmental welfare for our residents.

We humbly ask for your vote this November 7th.

Let’s uplift Morrisville together!

Thank you,

Nancy Sherlock, John Vitarelli, Marie Kelso and Bob Perry

To register to vote or apply for a Mail-in Ballot use the QR Code or visit

(Editor’s Note: This editorial is paid for through advertising.)

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