Spotlight: The most unique dispensary and restaurant in America

Meet a real urban legend

NJWEEDMANS DISPENSARY LLC is located across from City Hall in the center of Trenton, NJ next to NJWEEDMANS Joint restaurant (both are owned and operated by

The restaurant opened in 2015 and, (who legally changed his name to that in 2022), called it a sanctuary, ( where I “bravely sold weed right across the street from City Hall.”

He created a social media hashtag #sellweedlikeimwhite and claims he really did sell it before it was legal (,  “I openly played the race card and the non-corporate cards I was dealt and reversed them on the system.” said he “challenged the Goliath of government and won.”

In 2022 the state CRC board awarded NJWEEDMANS DISPENSARY LLC a conditional license. He now operates a thriving, legal 420 business. At one-point NJWEEDMANS Joint was the focal point and the meeting house of many of the state’s Marijuana Legalization activists ( 

In 2022 bought and renovated 318 and 322 East State Street, retooling 322’s restaurant and converting 318 into an adult use marijuana dispensary.

“The restaurant and the dispensary share a common backyard where there is a 420 friendly pot patio, entertainment stage, hookah hall, and an outdoor sanctuary featuring an above ground koi pond and a fire pit. The sanctuary makes for a great eclectic outdoor music venue as well,” he added.

The mural titled “The Battle of Trenton II” on the side of restaurant depicts his 447 days of incarceration where “the state attempted a legal lynching.” He wrote a book titled ‘My Legal Lynching: #nochickenwingsafter11pm’ (, describing his experience.

The entire complex “has a unique history: ghosts, nostalgia, tragedy, and perseverance.” ( “Yet it remains a humble ground- a real earth destination for potheads everywhere.”

Visit the complex at 318 and 322 E. State Street, Trenton, NJ. Don’t forget to bring your $4.20 weedpon!

Also visit online at Come for the quality, stay for the vibes, you may even get a glimpse of the legend himself.

PHOTO CAP: The historic site of NJWEEDMAN’s dispensary and restaurant.

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