Capstone Physical Therapy & Fitness: Your vestibular health experts across Morrisville, N.E. Philadelphia, and Southampton

Capstone Physical Therapy and Fitness is a full-service Physical Therapy practice with three locations in Morrisville, N.E. Philadelphia, and Southampton.

All three offices have physical therapists who are trained in vestibular rehabilitation, which includes dizziness, vertigo and post-concussion syndrome.

Jaquelyn Dittmeier PT and Brian Kirby PT bring expertise in treating vestibular and concussion patients at Capstone. They are certified through The American Institute of Balance in treatment of vestibular dysfunction and concussion.

All evaluations including thorough analysis of peripheral and central nervous systems to determine the cause of vestibular dysfunction. After determining a specific physical therapy diagnosis the patient is given an individualized program with one on one education and guidance.

While at Capstone each patient will be followed by one therapist throughout their course of treatment. Our vestibular system comprises three separate parts.

First is visual feedback from your environment, second is sensory input from lower extremities to the floor, and third is vestibular system or the inner ear. The inner ear tells our brain where we are in space and if there is a dysfunction it will make our brain think we are moving in one direction when it actually is the opposite direction.

For example, some individuals suffer from vertigo or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Generally people get dizzy with certain positions (getting out of bed).

Most commonly this is caused by otoconia or “crystals” which become loose in our inner ear and make our brain think we are moving when we are actually still. Physical therapy is a very successful treatment for this condition with most patients improving after

Contact them at 201 Woolston Drive, Suite 1A, Morrisville, phone 267-799-5568.

PHOTO CAP:  Jackie demonstrates a repositioning maneuver for treatment of  BPPV.

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