Spotlight: Burritos Yardley

    Discover the culinary adventure awaiting you at Burritos Restaurant in Yardley, a dynamic B.Y.O.B. Mexican dining destination. Situated at 15 S. Main Street, close to E. Afton Avenue, this exciting eatery invites you to unleash your culinary imagination by crafting your own burrito, taco, burrito bowl, and more.

    The freedom to personalize your meal adds a unique and interactive element to your dining experience. For those seeking convenience, Burritos Restaurant offers easy online ordering, ensuring a seamless experience for takeout and delivery.

    As the holiday season approaches, elevate your festivities with the restaurant’s December catering services, promising a festive feast that captures the essence of Mexican flavors.

    Whether enjoying a solo meal or planning a celebration, Burritos Restaurant promises a fusion of creativity and delectable tastes, making it a standout choice for Mexican cuisine enthusiasts in Yardley.

    Visit or call 215-493-2424.

    PHOTO CAP: Ivan Barroso, proprietor of Burritos Yardley, serves up mouth-watering Mexican cuisine daily!

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