Eco-friendly holiday at Yardley Refillery

We’re excited to meet you at the first refillery in Bucks County!

The Yardley Refillery is located in the heart of Yardley Borough at the corner of Main and Afton, with parking conveniently located in back. We are gearing up for the holidays!

The Yardley Refillery is a great place to find truly unique gifts – think Sustainability with Style. We will offer refill starter kits for various product types to get your loved ones started on their refill journeys; e-gift cards are also available.

Discover stocking stuffers like shampoo bars, natural soaps, toothpaste tabs or wool dryer balls. Fill up giftable mason jars with super popular everything cashews, dried mangoes or Small World coffee.

Give the gift of composting with a fab bamboo countertop bin. So many possibilities, get started early!

A “refillery” is a term coined in the Zero and Low Waste industry to describe a store where you can bring your own containers or purchase reusable ones to fill with bulk essential goods, often with more sustainable & health-conscious profiles.

Products are sold by weight or each, so you can buy what you need, a great benefit in an uncertain economy. To help you achieve a lighter footprint in daily life, we carry a selection of high-quality sustainable products: home cleaning & personal care refills, health-conscious pantry goods, low-waste formats (like detergent sheets), package-free loose hardware & eco-friendly garden.

As a bonus, we cut keys, offer knife sharpening, grind coffee and fresh peanut butter! To prepare for your visit, we encourage you to bring reusable containers, bags or boxes.

The bottles we sell are glass or aluminum, but you are more than welcome to bring plastic containers, just make sure they are clean and dry. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @yardleyrefillery, e-mail, phone 267-848-4949.

PHOTO CAP: The Yardley Refillery owners in front of our dry goods dispensers. Photo by jenn.jpeg photography.

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