Empowering Minds: The inception and establishment of our Young Engineers program

Introduction: In the pursuit of providing holistic education, we recognized the need for an enrichment program to complement and extend the learning experiences of our students beyond regular classroom hours.

We acknowledged that traditional classroom settings might not always cater to individual learning styles and interests.

The motivation was twofold: to offer students a space where they could delve into LEGO® and the scientific principles that are beyond the curriculum and to provide the means to express the diverse ingenuity and talents within our student groups.

Our goal was to create a fun high touch platform that allows students to explore subjects they are passionate about, thus fostering a love for learning.

This program is the result of a massive collaborative effort involving Young Engineers educators, subject matter experts, and the worldwide community members.

Extensive surveys and studies were conducted to establish various study streams in motorized building blocks that were suited to different age groups. This approach ensured that the program would be well-rounded and aligned with the student’s interest.

Our program is aimed to provide a holistic learning experience, incorporating activities such as project-based learning, hands-on experiments, and interactive discussions. This approach allowed students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Contact: Shalini Sitaraman, Young Engineers of Bucks – 347-601-0345;

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