Spotlight: Penn’s Woods Puppet Theater

The Penn’s Woods repertoire features plays that have drawn crowds across Bucks, Montgomery, Lancaster and Atlantic counties. Why?

Because we bring to organizations high quality stage entertainment enjoyed by adults and children alike. Penn’s Woods is not the black-curtain puppet theater of your youth.

Ours is a theater in miniature with a stage that has wings, changeable foreground and background scenery and sound and lighting effects. Its players are dressed in detailed, hand-designed, hand-sewn costumes.

Each puppet has the ability to pick up and pass props to other puppets. These plays give audiences a special opportunity to see a puppet show much apart from those that cater to young children.

And a Penn’s Woods play is a gold mine for admission-based events. For your convenience, no play requires access to electric as we operate off of UPS batteries.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on behind a puppet stage, or how special effects are created, you’ll have the chance to learn at show’s end. Penn’s Woods loves questions: how does the fire flicker, the spinning wheel spin or the hot air balloon ascend?

What causes the “fireworks” and “skyrockets” to launch or lightning to flash? 

Call with questions. Get answers. Choose a farce, fable, fairytale, murder mystery; the choice is varied. And remember, we come to you!

Robin and Susan Tafel – 215 441-4154 – Youtube @PennsWoodsPuppets.

PHOTO CAP: Children delight at the launching of “fireworks” in celebration of the new Prince in Rumpelstiltskin.

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