Spotlight: Democrats for Progress

Endorsed Democratic candidates running for Morrisville Borough Council on November 7th

Nancy Sherlock – I am running for Council because I believe that Government equals service. We should encourage residents to engage, and respect and listen to them and work together. I will work to provide public safety and services that will attract new residents and retain current residents. Morrisville is a great small town, let’s work together to put it on the map. I remain open-minded, and humbly ask for your vote.

John Vitarelli – I am a tradesperson and a lifelong Democrat who is committed to keeping honesty, respect, compassion and integrity in Morrisville Borough’s government. It is a great desire of mine to serve the community in a way that provides essential services while keeping an eye on the future of Morrisville. I believe we must learn to lead not just by our votes but by our actions.

Marie Kelso – Mom of three, grandmom to one. I am committed to promoting civil and respectful dialogue in our community. I will seek to increase economic development and work with all entities willing to work toward that goal. I’m committed to representing the residents needs to the best of my ability and will promote a “Go Green Day” once a month. I look forward to working for you.

Bob Perry – I’m running to be your Councilperson in the 4th Ward. I will work diligently to bring forth what the residents of Morrisville want. As your Councilperson, I will represent you, no one else. I’m not running to push my agenda. Too much time is spent on personal attacks and personal agendas. Please search Bob Perry on Facebook for my bio and videos. I’m counting on your support.

(Editor’s Note: This editorial is paid for through advertising.)

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