VCA Animal Healing Center offers prolotherapy, a non-surgical alternative for cruciate disease in dogs

Veterinary Prolotherapy (Prolo)- A non-surgical option for Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL tear)

A common cause of hind limb limping in dogs is a torn cranial cruciate ligament (also known as a torn ACL). The ACL stabilizes the knee and helps support the movement of the tibia, femur, and patella. If the ACL is torn it results in an unstable knee that is often painful and can lead to decreased mobility of the affected leg over time.

What is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is a series of injections in and around the knee joint that help to rebuild and repair injured connective tissue. The solution injected stimulates mild inflammation, which attracts growth factors to the area. This creates tightening and stabilization of the joint, better function, less pain and promotes healing. Most dogs require a light, reversible sedation to undergo the procedure. In general, three to five sessions are required for a positive response to be seen. Some pets may require more sessions. Most owners report a significant reduction in pain within the first two treatments. We generally use acupuncture concurrently with the Prolotherapy treatment to aid healing.

What to expect following Prolotherapy Following a treatment, mild discomfort or soreness may be seen for a day or two. Herbs and homeopathics are often prescribed to support healing and help with pain control. We advise rest and exercise restriction following a treatment to reduce the risk of further injury.

Please call VCA Animal Healing Center at 215-493-0621 to schedule an exam if you feel your dog may benefit from Prolotherapy!

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