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Grass, trees and, allergies-Oh my!  How to heal an allergy patient

by Dr. Jacqueline Ruskin DVM CVA

The beautiful spring and summer weather is here! However, so is the sound of your dog’s collar rattling all night as they chew and scratch at themselves.

You feel tired and defeated as nothing seems to make your fur baby better. At VCA Animal Healing Center we look at allergies differently.

As a holistic practice we flip the coin away from bacteria and yeast and look at the root cause: an overactive but functionally immunocompromised immune system.

Here at VCA Animal Healing Center we have several tools available to help with immune rescue and allow Fluffy to finally feel better again: nutraceuticals, herbal medicine, bio-identical hormones, allergy testing, immunotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and food trials.

If these first-line defenses aren’t enough to rescue an overwhelmed immune system, there are other options such as intravenous vitamin C infusions to reduce inflammation and fecal transplants to rescue the microbiome of the gut which is critical to immune health.

By fixing the allergy condition and improving immune health not only will the allergies improve but so too will vitality, as well as potentially predilection to other diseases caused by chronic inflammation and poor immune function.

It’s a win for the skin and so much more. 

To learn more about how we can help your pet visit us at

VCA Animal Healing Center, 1724 Yardley-Langhorne Road in Yardley or call 215-493-0621.

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