Discover sustainability with Terra Cotta Green Market Co’s innovative approach to eating responsibly and preserving the planet

Terra Cotta Green Market Co is a vegetarian cafe and green market focused on providing the community with organic, sustainable, and earth friendly products.

We cook in-house organic, locally sourced, plant-based dishes in a convenient take-out format, and also craft organic, fair trade coffee beverages.

Terra Cotta Green Market Co is a grab-n-go style cafe/market with dine-in capability; if you are enjoying the atmosphere of our cozy space, we can warm your dish for you as you sit in our café-style seating.

In addition to our food and coffee offerings, we have a green market for shopping.

We source earth-friendly products from local artisans within the United States, ranging from homeware to garden to kitchen to lifestyle merchandise.

Terra Cotta strives to be a one-stop shop for our customers where they can grocery shop from our pre-made meals/snacks/desserts, grab a craft coffee, and browse our sustainable market items for their home.

Our vision is to inspire holistic solutions within our community that encourages harmony, unity, and balance in our local and global food system.

Terra Cotta hopes to fulfill the triple bottom line of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social justice in its local community, as well as support ethically grown products abroad.

Terra Cotta is committed to establishing a strong communal network that financially and morally supports local farmers and businesses that advocate for sustainability.

Our goal is to preserve the planet via our sustainable practices, give back to the community, and support our neighbors.

To follow Terra Cotta’s plant-based, sustainability journey, check out our Instagram @terracotta.greenmarket or our Facebook at Terra Cotta Green Market Co.

PHOTO CAP: Twin sisters and co-owners of Terra Cotta Green Market Co, Jordan and Andie DeChirico, have opened a vegetarian market on Mill Street in Bristol Borough. 

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