Spotlight: Kathi Kotchi

Kathi Kotchi accomplished a long-held dream last May 2023 when she became a published author. An avid reader all her life, she dreamed of becoming an author, and as she said, she wanted her picture on the back of a book.

But telling a story was always important, too, as she admired many authors as she traveled through life. Even as a young teenager, the appeal of being a writer started. 

Life progressed through high school, then nursing school. She worked as a nurse in various places, met and married her husband, and began a family shortly thereafter.

Her novel, “To The Moon And Back” began in nursing school, finally went to paper, then computer. It’s a story about 14-year-old Jessica Maxwell living with her alcoholic mother and the teacher who becomes her mentor.

Kotchi tried to get it published in 2000 using the traditional route, but it was rejected by 26 agents.

Stung, the book sat, but Kathi added to it over the years. Then in September 2022 she began to research self-publishing, and in May 2023, her dream became a reality. Kathi hired an agent and Moon has been in book fairs around the world: Germany, Manila, London and Los Angeles.

It has been reviewed by Hollywood Book Review, who quotes, “The depth of character development really stood out.” And, “It is the perfect read … for those that are grounded in emotional storytelling.”

Ian Parker of Ink to Script writes, “A profound journey through grief and redemption,” and “Kotchi skillfully navigates the complexities of their [Jessica and John] emotional journeys.”

Kathi will have her first book signing on June 29 at the Barnes & Noble on Commerce Blvd. in Fairless Hills from noon to 2:00pm. Books can be purchased and signed, and previously signed books will also be signed.

Come meet a local author and get a kiss from her …a Hershey Kiss that is!

“To The Moon And Back” is available on and

PHOTO CAP: Kathi Kotchi, author of “To The Moon And Back”

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