Senior ends depression with neurofeedback

submitted by Maria Di Donato DEd, BCN, PA Licensed Psychologist, PA/NJ Certified School Psychologist

Andrew, a senior citizen from Warminster, believed that he was depressed most of his life.

He reported that he has not felt joy and wanted a change from the low moods.

He had unsuccessfully tried antidepressants before and did not experience any benefits. Upon searching the internet for alternatives to medication for depression, he saw neurofeedback as an option and wondered if it would be beneficial for him.  Fortunately, he called for an appointment. 

During the initial interview, he reported that he travelled often with his job, but felt that work was tiring and dreary.

He liked music and thought it would be helpful, so he made an attempt to learn an instrument and found that to be beneficial.  He also wanted to engage more and involve himself with a more positive lifestyle, but he lacked the mental energy.

He indicated that even though he fell asleep easily, it was difficult to stay asleep, stressing that he was not getting enough sleep.

He woke up frequently and stayed awake during the night.  

With his initial treatment, Andrew began to feel a lift during the session.

He began to smile in the session and appeared more relaxed.  When the session was over, he spontaneously smiled and remarked “I feel happy” as he left the office.

After his first visit, he commented that he slept better and felt happier.

As treatments continued Andrew began to sleep more soundly. His wife noticed and commented to him that he looked less depressed. 

As a form of biofeedback, neurofeedback, combined with counseling and heart rate variability training, is making a difference in Andrew’s lifestyle.

He is continuing with treatment and is enjoying a happier life with his family and his responsibilities.

His self-improvement with music is continuing which gives him much satisfaction. 

Neurofeedback, a noninvasive treatment modality, is a very effective alternative to medication for relieving the symptoms of depression, anxiety and many other emotional, behavioral and cognitive issues. 

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