Makefield Ultimate Summer League for middle school kids is now recruiting players

A group of local citizens has collaborated with the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance (PADA) and the Lower Makefield Township Parks and Recreation Department to create the Makefield Ultimate Summer League (MUSL).

PADA will organize and operate the league. It will teach all elements of Ultimate Frisbee with an emphasis on sportsmanship as defined by the ‘Spirit of the Game,’ and will provide opportunities for kids to experience the joy of playing Ultimate.

Ultimate, also known as ‘Ultimate Frisbee,’ is a game between two teams of seven players on a 110- by 40-yard field.

After receiving a long throw from the other team, the offense seeks to work its way upfield and into the opponent’s end zone by passing the disc from player to player.

The player with the disc may not run with it. If a pass is dropped, blocked, intercepted, or lands out-of-bounds, it is a turnover and the opposing team immediately goes on offense and attempts to score in the other direction.

Teams will meet twice weekly from mid-June until mid-August, with a half-hour mini-clinic followed by a one-hour game each evening. Games will be played in Lower Makefield Township at either Memorial Park or Macclesfield Park.

All children who have completed fifth grade and not yet entered ninth grade are encouraged to play. Ultimate provides fun aerobic physical activity, social opportunities, and a culture of inclusiveness, sportsmanship, and kindness.

It is a new sport to most of the local kids, so it should appeal to those who are losing interest in their childhood activities and want to try new things. The league will foster new friendships by bringing students together from all of the local schools.

And since there are no referees, the kids will learn how to resolve conflicts amicably among themselves.

Pennsbury has a long and excellent history of high school Ultimate, with both a boy’s team and a girl’s team and many nationally prominent players and alumni. There are no local opportunities for younger teens to learn and play organized Ultimate.

This league will fill that gap. To learn more or to register your children, please visit

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