Spotlight: La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant

La Villa Pizza, located at 21 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Morrisville, has earned their reputation from their delectable offerings, which has gotten them praise from satisfied customers glowing reviews, over 900 with a 4.5 rating! Diners consistently celebrate the La Villa’s flavorful creations, highlighting the perfect balance between its thin, crispy crust and generous toppings.

The extensive menu caters to various tastes, with both classic options and innovative combinations that intrigue and delight their customers. Reviewers often commend their use of high-quality, fresh ingredients, resulting in a mouthwatering and authentic taste.

See for yourself what others say about Morrisville’s famous pizza restaurant:

  • This place is a gem. Everything is delicious. – Joe S.
  • I love La Villa, it’s the best!!! The food is beyond amazing. The peanut butter pie and the cannolis are the outstanding!! – Haley H.
  • Classic Italian family pizzeria, if there was a definition, La Villa would be it. Exceptional service and can’t stress how fresh the food is. Family friendly, inviting atmosphere. – Cameron L.
  • Great selection of slices for lunch. For dinner I went back and had the eggplant parmesan sub that was the best I’ve ever eaten. – Karen J.

Beyond the exceptional food, the atmosphere and service at La Villa Pizza also earns applause. Owner Gino Lenti and the friendly staff have created a welcoming atmosphere, contributing to the overall dining experience.

La Villa’s commitment to prompt and courteous service has left a positive impression on many of their customers. Whether it’s for a casual family meal or a special celebration, La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant consistently delivers a memorable and satisfying dining experience, making it a cherished destination for pizza enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

To order, call La Villa at 215-736-3113, or visit online at and see what makes them worthy of such high praise!

PHOTO CAP: Chef Gino Lenti grew up in Italy where his mother taught him the secrets of good Italian cooking

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