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Accessible bathtubs vs. accessible showers 

People with mobility issues must have an accessible bathtub or shower. Accessible bathtubs and showers are each designed to accommodate people who have mobility impairments or other disabilities but there are differences between the two.

Accessible bathtubs are created to have features such as grab bars, lower thresholds, and nonslip surfaces to make getting into and out of them much easier for people with mobility issues. They are also much safer than regular bathtubs and some even have built-in seats as well as adjustable jets to provide therapeutic benefits for people who need them.

On the other hand, accessible showers normally also have a lower threshold entry and exit, non-slip services, and guardrails. They are created to make showering much easier and even people with mobility aids, such as walkers or wheelchairs, can access these types of showers much easier than a bathtub.

Some of these showers even come with seats or built-in benches for added convenience. The decision between installing an accessible bathtub or an accessible shower will depend upon specific preferences and needs.

For instance, if a person loves to soak in the bathtub but has mobility issues, an accessible bathtub with all its different features may be more beneficial. A person who requires a walker or wheelchair to get around may appreciate an accessible shower much more than a bathtub.

Each person must consult with their doctor, health care provider, or occupational therapist to decide which option is more suitable for their needs. It is important, also, that the person checks to ensure that the bathtub or shower they choose meets all safety requirements and accessibility standards.

At TubCut, we provide the safest and most convenient ways for people to take a bath, even when they struggle with a disability or mobility impairment. Contact us today at 610-467-3109 for all your accessible bathtub and shower needs.

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