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Why PA Vehicle Safety Inspections?

It sounds self-explanatory to me.


There is talk in the state government of abolishing PA Vehicle Safety Inspections. While that may sound like a popular idea to some consumers, let’s take a look at the ramifications of that idea.

While some people may think that I’m against this thought solely for business reasons (and it is my profession), let me explain the truth of it.

1) Obviously: Safety – There are sometimes things that you may not realize are bad that can really be costly, both in potential injuries or with the unthinkable. We’ve caught many “ticking time bombs” like ball joints or brakes that I believe we prevented some catastrophic scenarios over the years.

2) Financially. We are seeing a lot of people HAVING TO hold on to their cars longer, and that’s fine, but if a five- to 10- year-old vehicle doesn’t get inspected once every year, a simple repair can compound itself into a very costly repair. For example, spotting and notifying the customer of worn tires and brakes early on can save them from a hefty suspension or brake hydraulic failure, where that truly adds up.

3) Government – I fully believe that PA has the best Vehicle Inspection Program in the country if used correctly. It’s true, there are horror stories of unscrupulous shops using the system as a “cash cow,” but if you found a shop like Fletcher’s Garage that respects the customer and the system, and doesn’t sell you repairs that you DON’T need, Inspections truly can be beneficial asset to you and your vehicle! You really don’t want the state government getting even more control over your vehicle. They don’t think of the system this way. New Jersey has a very lax, almost non-existent Inspection process and it shows! Trust me, we don’t want to be like NJ (who does?)!

Be sure to call Fletcher’s Garage for your vehicle needs and Safety Inspections!

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