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I enjoy summer over any other season, but I have to say that this one’s been HOT! Well, the good news is, autumn is coming upon us soon.

That means leaves a’changin’, sweatshirts, nighttime fire pits and Pumpkin Spice everything! It also means that it’s time for that “Pre-winter” auto maintenance!

Fluids, heater checks, wiper blades and believe it or not, lights! As the days get shorter, the need for lights becomes longer.

Good tread on your tires are just as important in fall as in winter. Wet, fallen leaves can be just as slick as ice, and the best way to protect yourself is to have us check your tires.

Just because they pass state inspection at 2/32″ doesn’t mean that’s good enough to combat the elements. Remember, these are government guidelines, and we all know practicality is not…well, let’s just say there’s government guidelines and sensible guidelines.

Fletcher’s Garage is here to make sure your vehicle is AAA safe for the next two seasons! Call 215.295.4931 to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle needs.

P.S. With the colder weather, check your vehicle for squirrel nuts. Those varmints can really damage your engine’s wiring and other systems! 

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