For relief without medication or side effects

Dr. Harold Stecker, Health Directions, Inc. 333 N Oxford Valley Road, #105, Fairless Hills, has been a pioneer in Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) over the past 25 years and has treated thousands of people for issues related to autoimmune disorders.

He began using CES to help people with addictions after it cured his tobacco addiction over 30 years ago. Dr. Stecker wanted to treat a wider range of issues for his patients, like long COVID.

The term “long COVID” was first used in the spring of 2020, as reports emerged of patients experiencing several prolonged symptoms after recovering from the virus. In trials, Dr. Stecker has seen patients respond to treatment within a week. 

The CES Ultra is a neuro-immunological device no bigger than a cellphone, small contacts are placed on the earlobes, which stimulates the vagus nerve traveling from the brain.
CES unit works without surgery, or significant side effects. Stimulating the vagus nerve has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and assist the body’s immune systems.

Since the outbreak of the COVID, patients have approached Dr. Stecker seeking to deal with their long COVID symptoms. Long COVID is characteristic of autoimmune disorders. After using CES therapy, his patients reported better sleep, reduced brain fog, reduced inflammation, and an increased sense of well-being.

Long COVID sufferers report relief from fatigue, brain fog, muscle, or joint pain by using this clinically proven method of vagus nerve stimulation. CES users experience a deep sense of relaxation that allows the body to begin the regenerative process. Stimulating the vagus nerve is key to a well-functioning immune system, which is critical to ending long COVID symptoms. CES is not a medication, so it can be used safely with other treatments.

The first 5 people that sign up for long COVID treatment will get the FDA approved CES unit absolutely free of charge. The next 20-30 people will be able to get this for a very low, or no cost option.

For long Covid treatment or help with auto immune disorders and their symptoms, call Dr. Stecker for a FREE CONSULTATION today at 833-497-3223. Or visit online at to learn more about this unique treatment.

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