Spotlight: The TubcuT® Corp.

How we cut, seal & restore the function of your bathtub

Installing a tub cut-out and door makes accessing the bath easier and safer and this is an upgrade that can be completed in a day.

What is the process? The original tub doesn’t have to be removed – it is simply modified to the new specification. This means that the floors, walls, and plumbing are not affected making it much more cost-effective than remodeling the whole bathroom. This is a convenient process that will be completed in one day by a professional. The result is a cut-out that allows easy access to the tub and shower. A tub door allows for easy access to bathing in comfort.

But I love my porcelain tub and shower – You can keep the beautiful porcelain and have it converted into a walk-in tub or shower without the cost or hassle of renovation.

Types of tubs that can be cut – Almost any tub can be cut by a professional including cast iron, acrylic, porcelain, and more. Some of the materials, such as porcelain, can be easily broken. With the proper equipment and professional techniques, the tub can be cut smoothly and cleanly giving you the tub and shower that you have been looking for. With professional knowledge, almost any tub can be converted.

Find out more about TubcuT® – The licensed professionals at TubcuT® will refinish everything so that it is smooth and easy. The resulting threshold will be at about four inches so that water will not leave the tub while showering. If you decide to simply use the shower, you can keep the door for future use.

Plus, this conversion is reversible! This is important if you decide to sell your home. 

Don’t wait! Call us today at 610-467-3109 to find out how easy it is to make bathing and showering safer with TubcuT®.

PHOTO CAP: “The TubcuT® offers options for a curtain or shower doors.

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