Warwick Township’s 2024 capital projects unveiled

submitted by Kyle Seckinger, Manager, Warwick Township

Warwick Township is pleased to publish this years’ capital projects program. To assemble this capital projects plan, we solicited input from both our professional staff, residents, and our five-year capital improvements plan. Below is a list of the prominent projects you can expect this year. 

Township Road Program: A significant focus will be on the 2024 Township Road Program, featuring extensive improvements across key thoroughfares. From Tulip Road to Lafayette Drive and the intricate network within Mountain View, to the enhancement of Jamison Hunt and Woodfield Estates, this comprehensive plan aims to elevate connectivity and ensure smoother commuting experiences. The attention given to Heritage Drive and the Public Works Facility Interior Lot reflects our commitment to overall community development.

Infrastructure Upgrades: Warwick Township is committed to sustainable development, evident in ongoing sidewalk construction along York Road. Resurfacing trails around Denbeigh Drive and Lockleigh Drive, installation of new trails linking vital destinations, and essential culvert replacements underscore our dedication to modernizing the township’s backbone. The adjustment to the traffic signal at York Road and Meyer Way emphasizes our commitment to safety and traffic management.

Township Park Improvements: Township Park Improvements target various recreational spaces. From revitalizing Community Park to introducing Electric Vehicle charging ports at Guinea Lane Park (dependent on receipt of a grant.), our initiatives include replacing soccer goals, updating facilities, and incorporating sustainable solutions. Hampton Chase Park’s transformation and Memorial Park’s innovative sunshade sails showcase our dedication to creating vibrant community spaces.

Township Equipment: Warwick Township is set to replace police vehicles with hybrid models, upgrade automated external defibrillators, and modernize the fleet with a new dump truck.

These forward-looking choices align with our commitment to environmental responsibility and public safety. For a comprehensive overview of the 2024 budget and capital projects, we invite you to visit our website at

Warwick Township remains steadfast in its pursuit of progress and pledges to keep residents informed throughout this exciting phase of development.

Together, we build a stronger, more resilient community.

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