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    Non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence

    At Lachman and Associates, we’re all about empowering men and women, naturally.

    As the body ages, the muscles that control and hold the urine can get weaker, and this can lead to urinary leakage. Our simple in-office procedure works by harnessing the healing power of your own body. 

    It can help people who experience accidents when they jump, laugh, or cough, and when they wait too long to use the restroom.

    For men, there can be decreased blood flow, and regenerative medicine helps open those vessels, allowing for healthy circulation. The simple 20-minute procedure begins with a simple blood draw.

    Then, using a proprietary technique, platelet-rich-plasma is extracted from the blood, concentrating the natural healing and regeneration properties of your blood. It is then injected into a numbed area.

    There is no recovery time and only minor discomfort. 

    Regenerative medicine helps regenerate and strengthen tissue, allowing for better control, and there are additional benefits for sexual dysfunction.

    Women generally note benefit for a year, or even longer. For women using incontinence products, this simple procedure can give them confidence. The women we’ve treated were able to leave their pads at home. 

    Quit planning your outings around where the restrooms are!

    Thank you for voting us the Best Family Medicine practice in the whole county! Contact us at 267-406-0782 today.

    PHOTO CAP: Julie Lachman, ND of Lachman & Associates

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