Spotlight: Yardley Refillery

Introducing the first refillery in Bucks County, now open in the heart of Yardley Borough at the corner of Main and Afton. Parking is conveniently located directly in back.

A “refillery” is a term coined in the Zero and Low Waste industry to describe a store where you can bring your own containers or purchase reusable ones to fill with bulk essential goods, often with more sustainable and health-conscious profiles.

Products are sold by weight or each, so you can buy what you need, a great benefit in an uncertain economy.
We will also stock a collection of containers for product usage and storage to get you started on your refill journey (you know – that clean, organized look of glass and aluminum in your cabinets!).

We believe people locally desire more eco-friendly daily solutions, but they are not easy to find.

To help you achieve a lighter footprint, we carry a selection of high-quality sustainable products: home cleaning and personal care refills, health-conscious pantry goods, low-waste formats (like solid shampoo), package-free loose hardware, eco-friendly garden. As a bonus, we also cut keys, grind coffee and peanut butter!

To prepare for your visit, we encourage you to bring reusable containers, bags or boxes. The bottles we will sell are glass or aluminum, but you are more than welcome to bring plastic containers as they are more transportable.

Just make sure they are clean and dry. We will supply paper bags and sturdy cartons if needed.

When you arrive to refill, we will show you the simple process to weigh, tag, number, fill and pay! You must weigh your container first, tag with our smart tag system, number your bottle, fill, then pay, where we subtract your container’s weight.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @yardleyrefillery, e-mail, phone 267-848-4949.

PHOTO CAP: Your Yardley Refillery Team, Dan & Karin McLaughlin, Jaime Alford & Rob Knab

Photo Credit: jenn.jpeg photography

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