Spotlight: Yardley Jewelers

Barry and Mary Jane DiNola are the owners of Yardley Jewelers and open the store in February of 1977 and have been serving the community since. Mary Jane is a member of the Yardley Makefield Woman’s Club and has served as President and chaired and assisted on many fund-raising committees and was the Secretary of the Yardley Business Association.

Barry is a graduate of Mercer County Community College and started learning the art of lapidary (stone cutting) in 1970.  Barry, along with his wife Mary Jane, opened Yardley Jewelers, a retail jewelry store, in February 1977. 

He is a past president of the GIA Delaware Valley Alumni Association, past president of the AGS Keystone Guild and past president of the Pennsylvania Jewelers Association (PJA). 

He was honored and named PJA Jeweler of the Year and Craftsman of the Year and won the State of Pennsylvania’s first jewelry design competition in 1996, also First in its Category (based on value) and Best of Show at the Jewelers of America Annual National Competition in 1997. 

He has taught jewelry courses, both technical and conceptual at The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College) and has spoken to many organizations, and schools on a variety of subjects related to jewelry making, designing, appraising and antique and period jewelry.

Yardley Jewelers is a full-service retail store and trade shop doing custom work and repair for their clients. 

Services including but not limited to designing, wax carving, handmade items, one of a kind or limited production of items, diamond and stone setting, mold making, laser welding, CAD/CAM and repairs of all types of jewelry, all performed in-house.

He is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, a Certified Appraiser Gemologist with the American Gem Society and a designated member of the International Society of Appraisers. He served in the NJ National Guard as a 1st lieutenant and is currently the Assistant Chief of the Yardley Makefield Volunteer Fire Company (YMFC), the Marine Captain, past Vice President and Treasurer of the YMFC and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). 

He also has an advanced certificate in Emergency Management and is the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for the Borough of Yardley. He is the past president of the local Yardley Business Association and served as the Treasurer for over 25 years. 

Barry has taught classes in firefighter water survival, basic marine rescue and boating safety. Besides working in gold, silver and platinum Barry works in steel, copper, brass and wood having made large metal sculptures and objects of art and furniture. 

PHOTO CAP: Home of Yardley Jewelers – Sale begins October 26th.

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