Spotlight: Pet Photos Plus

Pet Photos Plus is a unique pet and family boutique shop and photo studio located in New Hope. It started as a photo studio and quickly became a pet boutique as well.

Stepping into our studio your furry friend and you will be greeted with warmth and enthusiasm.  The skilled photographers have a good understanding of pet behavior and know how to bring out the best in your pets. PPP creates timeless photos that forever will be a joy!

If you like your pet’s photos on special items then look at our pillows, canvases, coasters, etc. Lots of choices and beautiful items even including holiday cards.

The boutique store has private label baked treats, toys for pets of all ages, clothing and gifts for pet parents. Check out our pet strollers and slings!  

Everyone loves to have photos made and shop at our store. People enjoy the interesting selection of treats and toys.

PPP gathers pet lovers that hang out and talk about their pets while pet treats are shared.

Our treats are beautiful and appetizing but please don’t eat them all. Save them for your pets!

Everyone loves Pet Photos Plus and just watch the dogs pull their owners into the shop!

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