Spotlight: Pet Photos Plus

Pet Photos Plus, located at 13 N. Main Street in New Hope, makes wonderful photos of pets and families.

They have many ways to display their photos including canvas, wood, metal, coasters, mugs, even travel tags, etc. PPP started with a small studio and quickly added studio 2 to accommodate so many customers.

They are now in business going on nine years. Their photographers create many photo styles, ranging from classical portraits, funky photos, to more classical setups. There is a puppy promotion right now.

All puppies photographed receive a FREE session on their pet’s first birthday with a cookie and party hat. PPP also has a busy boutique shop filled with the latest pet toys, treats, clothes and gifts for pet parents.

They say if they don’t have what you want in stock they will custom order for you!

You name it and they get it! Did you know PPP received the BEST IN REGION award this year for pet photography? Make sure your next stop in New Hope is Pet Photos Plus!

Phone 609-865-1111. 

PHOTO CAP: Judy Dinnerman, Owner of Pet Photos Plus

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