Spotlight: Honey Hair Studio

Blonde is our specialty!

As the leaves change color and the temperatures drop, so do the latest hair fashions for this fall season. Embracing the spirit of change and renewal, the hottest hair trends of autumn 2023 offer a delightful blend of timeless classics and bold experimentation.

First on the list is the return of vintage hairstyles with a modern twist. Iconic looks from the 60s, such as the beehive and flipped-out ends, are making a comeback, but this time they’re paired with contemporary cuts and textures. Think voluminous updos with subtle braids or sleek, wavy bobs reminiscent of Hollywood starlets of yesteryears.

For those who prefer shorter styles, the pixie cut is reigning supreme this fall. Updated with choppy layers and a touch of asymmetry, the pixie exudes confidence and sassiness. It’s perfect for the woman on the go who wants a chic yet low-maintenance look.

On the other hand, long hair enthusiasts can dive into the realm of Boho-inspired waves and curls. Effortless, undone hairstyles are a go-to this season, with loose beachy waves or tousled curls becoming the epitome of carefree elegance.

Hair color trends are also taking a daring turn this fall. Rich and warm tones like cinnamon, copper, and honey blonde are in high demand.

At Honey Hair, blonde is our specialty. Overall, this fall’s hair fashions embody a celebration of individuality and a nod to the past, all while embracing contemporary touches that cater to the modern woman.

Honey Hair (formerly Blue Lotus) is located at 1091 General Knox Road, Washington Crossing. Call for an appointment 215-493-0616.

PHOTO CAP:  New fall colors done at Honey Hair Studio

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