Football season hoagie trays

    Spatola’s Pizza, situated at 86 S. Main Street in New Hope, is a culinary haven that takes the excitement of football season to another level with their delectable hoagie trays available for both delivery and pickup.

    As autumn sets in and football fervor fills the air, Spatola’s becomes a go-to destination for fans craving delicious and convenient game-day eats.  Their hoagie trays are a touchdown in taste, featuring an array of mouthwatering options to please every palate.

    Whether you’re cheering on your team at home or hosting a game-day gathering, these trays offer a winning selection of subs and hoagies that are perfect for sharing. Spatola’s expertly crafts their hoagies with quality ingredients, ensuring each bite is a flavor-packed delight. 

    With convenient delivery and pickup options, Spatola’s makes it easy to enjoy their scrumptious hoagie trays without missing a moment of the game. This football season, elevate your game-day experience with Spatola’s Pizza and savor the winning combination of great food and gridiron excitement. 

    We recommend that you order in advance.  215-862-6041.

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