Spotlight: New Hope Photo

In a world where natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, and the risk of outdated technology threaten to wipe away precious memories, Save Your Photos Month is a beacon of hope. This international event, throughout September, aims to educate individuals on safeguarding their cherished photos before disaster strikes.

Save Your Photos Month was created to address the growing number of situations where families lose their most valuable possessions – their irreplaceable photo and video memories. By providing education and resources, New Hope Photo empowers people to take proactive steps in preserving their visual legacies.

The event’s primary goal is to ensure that families are well-equipped to face any unforeseen circumstances that could potentially jeopardize their photo collections. By offering comprehensive instruction, New Hope Photo empowers individuals to take control of their visual histories and protect them from the devastating effects of disasters.

Save Your Photos Month is not just about preservation; it is about celebrating the power of memories and the stories they tell. By saving and safeguarding these images, families can pass down their legacy to future generations, providing a sense of continuity and connection.

“We understand the profound impact that losing cherished photos can have on individuals and families,” said Ted Nichols, Owner at New Hope Photo. “Our mission is to educate and empower people to protect their visual memories before it’s too late proactively. By discussing storage, sharing and archiving strategies, and discovering new apps to enhance your enjoyment of photo and video memories, individuals will not only gain invaluable knowledge but also contribute to the preservation of their family legacies.”

New Hope Photo offers an extensive list of scanning and archiving services from all formats of film, slides, prints, movie film and video tape. They can also scan artwork and other non-photo documents. 

Stop by or call to discuss your needs and New Hope Photo will help you create to plan to organize your memories for future generations to enjoy.

Call 215-862-9333 or visit

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